Food and water bowls – Stainless steel and ceramic bowls are best; plastic bowls may leach chemicals into the food and water.

Kennel – Kennels with dividers are nice to use when potty training because they limit the amount of space your puppy has for sleeping. A large space allows a puppy to sleep on one side of the kennel and potty on the other side. We recommend a create that has double doors and is at least 30L x 22W x 24H.

Leash, collar, and optional harness – Our dogs wear collars while at home, and only wear a harness for walks and other outings. When a harness is worn continually, its friction against the dog’s coat tends to cause mats.

Grooming tools – Nail clippers, a metal comb, slicker brush, and curved grooming scissors for trimming around the eyes between grooming appointments is all you will need for grooming.

Appropriate chew toys and bones – Please diligently research and speak with your veterinarian about what types of chew toys and bones are safe for your puppy. Just because a toy or bone is sold at a pet store, it does not mean it is safe!

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