Available Puppies

At this moment, we have no puppies available for adoption, but now is a great time to join our Waitlist for a future puppy!

Please visit our Upcoming Litters page to see what litters will be available soon.

Puppy Waitlist

The first pick of every litter is reserved for the breeder for program maintenance.

1.  Breeder
2.  G. Casagrande (AZ) 
3.  R. Rubio (CA)
4.  S. Palko-Schraa (NM)
5.  S. Kohn (NM)
6.  L. Platt (TX)
7.  T. Wortham (AZ)
8.  C. Santangelo (NM)
9.  S. Sarver (TX)
10.  J. Neill (NM)
11.  T. Owen (NM)
12.  E. Elledge (NM)
13.  H. Digby (CO)
14.  V. Outlaw (NM)

Your puppy will come with the following:

– One year health guarantee – 

– Health Certificate from a licensed veterinarian and medical records –
– First set of shots and dewormer (administered by a veterinarian) –

– American Cockapoo Club registration form –

– Blanket and toy with the familiar scents of its litter mates and parents –
– 5 to 7 days of puppy food –

Your puppy will also come trained to sit on command, as well as crate and potty-tray trained!

Ready to adopt your Cockapoo puppy?

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