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We know that who your puppy becomes is not just based on DNA; it’s also your puppy’s experiences and interactions from the moment he enters the world that shapes him.  We have curated a detailed socialization and training program for our puppies that starts them on the right path towards a lifetime of healthiness and companionship with their families.  From the moment your puppy is born and until it joins your family, we focus on specific activities that are designed to build your puppy’s confidence, socialization skills, and future bond with you. 

Each week we focus on specific activities that introduce new experiences to the puppies, as well as build upon previous trainings.

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Birth to 2 Weeks:  As newborns and for the first two week of a puppy’s life we purposefully handle and interact with your puppy to teach it that human touch is enjoyable and trustworthy.  These positive experiences teach your puppy to relax and be comfortable with humans, which is crucial in forming a strong foundation for your puppy’s future relationship with you.  We also perform early neurological stimulation (ENS) activities which supports neurological development, adaptability, and strong immunity.  All of these activities are done in a gentle and loving manner which promotes long-term healthiness and happiness.

3 to 4 Weeks:  At three weeks of age, your puppy’s eyes are completely open and it begins hearing.  As these senses develop, this is an excellent time for your puppy to be introduced to new sights, sounds, smells, things, and people.  We begin clipping your puppy’s nails weekly, and introduce them to taking a bath.  At four weeks, we continue to introduce the puppies to new objects, sounds, and smells.  We create puzzles and challenges for your puppy to encourage thinking.  We also begin using the marker word “Yes”.  During these weeks, we also introduce the potty tray and soft foods as mom starts to gradually wean the pups.

5 to 6 Weeks:  At five weeks, we build upon previous trainings by gradually and safely expanding your puppy’s exposure to the world around them- indoors and outdoors.  We focus on trust and confidence building activities, as well as promoting independence by sometimes conducting these activities with each pup individually.  At this time your puppy is also introduced to a crate.  We do this in a positive manner that teaches your puppy that the crate is a safe and comfortable place to reside.  At six weeks, we continue to expand your puppy’s environment by taking the puppies on walks around the neighborhood in a stroller.  Your puppy also begins to learn basic obedience, such as come and sit.  Puppies become very curious at this age and we utilize this opportunity to introduce as many new experiences to them as possible.

7 to 8 Weeks:  At seven and eight weeks of age, we work on refining all of the training and socialization that your puppy has received since birth.  Additionally, your puppy goes on its first field trip- riding in the car to the vet clinic.  Throughout the entire eight-week process, we continually focus on socialization by introducing your puppy to new and different people- younger people, older people, people in uniforms, loud people, soft-spoken people, and etc.  By eight weeks of age, your puppy has a strong training and socialization foundation from exposure to new and different people, sights, sounds, smells, environments, and places.  Your puppy joins your family knowing how to use a potty tray, sleep in a crate, come, and sit.  Our thorough training and socialization program creates confident and happy dogs, which makes their transition to your home easy and promotes the life-long companionship you and your dog will share.

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