Conformation: Cockapoos should have a square and sturdy conformation. They should be the same length (chest to rump) as height (top of shoulder to ground). They should never appear low and long, or tall and narrow. The top of their back should be level, and they should stand on straight forelegs and moderately-bent hindlegs. A Cockapoo’s head should be moderately rounded with large, bright eyes that are well-spaced, and ears that hang close to the head, starting above the eyes and hanging below the jaw. The tail should be set in-line with the Cockapoo’s back and carried in-line or higher with the back.

Size: There are three sizes of Cockapoos-toy, miniature, and standard. Cockapoo size is determined by their height at the shoulder. A toy Cockapoo stands 10-inches or less; a miniature Cockapoo stands 11-14-inches; a standard Cockapoo stands 15-inches or more at the shoulder. The weights of Cockapoos can vary, but a toy Cockapoo typically weighs under 12 pounds, a miniature Cockapoo typically weighs 13-20 pounds, and a standard Cockapoo typically weighs 21 or more pounds.

The Teddy-Bear look: True Cockapoos will have the teddy-bear look, which is achieved by their soft, fluffy coats, round faces, round, bright eyes, smaller noses, hanging ears, and puffy tails. How a Cockapoo is groomed is one of the factors in attaining this attribute.

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