Searching for the perfect Cockapoo puppy to join your family is a big task, and it is important that you are as knowledgeable and informed as possible when making your decision. Here are some basic questions that we suggest you should ask every breeder while conducting your search.

Why do you breed and what are your qualifications?

Are all of your dogs registered with the American Cockapoo Club and health tested, and if so, can you provide the certificates/ reports? Do your dogs trace back to parental generations with American Kennel Club registrations?

Describe the conformation of each parent dog. Describe the personality of each parent dog.

What generation are the parents and puppies?

Where are all of your dogs housed? Can I visit where you raised your puppies and keep your dogs, or can I video chat you to see these things?

What socialization and training do you provide puppies? Give specific details.

Describe the type and frequency of updates you provide families once puppies are born?

Are puppies examined by a licensed veterinarian and given a written good bill of health before being transferred to their families? (Note-this should be done around 6-8 weeks of age.)

When are vaccinations given, and does a licensed veterinarian administer them?

Do you provide a health guarantee? (Note-be cautious because some breeders require you to feed a certain food or vitamin for their guarantee to be valid. They do this because they get kickbacks from the company that sells the food/ vitamin.)

What is your adoption process?

Do you require a deposit to join your waitlist, and is it refundable?

Can I see your purchase contract?

Can you provide three or more references from past puppy families so that I may contact them about their experience with you?

A good breeder will happily answer all of your questions, and even provide you with information beyond the scope of your inquiries. If a breeder cannot or will not readily provide you with answers to any of these questions, that is a red flag and you should proceed with caution.

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