Option #1: We are happy to meet you anywhere within three hours driving distance of Farmington, New Mexico for a delivery fee of $200. If you are interested in having your puppy driven further, or even delivered to your front door, please ask us for a personalized quote.

Option #2: You can fly into one of our nearby airports (Albuquerque International Sunport or Durango-LaPlata County Airport), then fly home with your puppy. We will meet you inside the airport to transfer your puppy to you. Our delivery fee to meet you at the Albuquerque airport is $200 and at the Durango airport is $75.

Option #3: Your puppy is also able to be delivered to you via the service of a flight nanny company. (A flight nanny is a person who is hired to personally fly with your puppy in the cabin of an airplane to your airport. Most flight nannies are off-duty flight attendants who fly standby.) Our delivery fee to meet a flight nanny at the Albuquerque airport is $200. We are available to be a personal flight nanny to your puppy if desired; please ask us for a personalized quote.

Please note- For the safety of our puppies, we do not allow them to be flown in the cargo of an airplane. Puppies must fly in-cabin accompanied by a person.

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